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‘Using the past to create the future’
You will find here an account of what is required to persuade a developer and a local authority to respect the history of an area, preserve important buildings and produce a balanced community with a mix of housing tenure and a whole array of community owned facilities.
Some of the lessons can be applied elsewhere but it should be remembered that the process here was started in 1990 and is still not complete in 2012. So, it takes a long time, much patience and commitment.
As with all successful ventures of this kind there are elements of luck and serendipity but the common feature is dogged determination to produce a place fit to live in.
Click on the link below for a short history of the Guards & Caterham, by Geoff Hare, a local historian and co-author of the book “The Guards and Caterham” which is an account of the Guards and their time at Caterham. The book is now sadly out of print but some of the elements will be referred to on this website.
The Trust would like to find ways of reprinting this excellent book and have extracts available on this website. For help and suggestions please contact us through the Contact us page.
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If you missed the Open Caterham Barracks Tour,
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CBCT is one of the best examples example of asset based community development in the UK.
It was set up as a charity for all the people of Caterham and seeks to provide facilities for those who need them.